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KnowThySelf HealThySelf 

A nonprofit in Baltimore City, geared to strategically focus on the betterment of our City's youth. We are seeking to understand, identify and develop programs to cater to the needs of our continuously developing city.

The funds raised for KnowThySelf HealThySelf  are used 100% for funding of programs, opportunities for our youth and young adults

Why donate to Know Thy Self Heal Thy Self? Just $25 can change a child's life. From clothing to food to transportation a simpe donation can impact a chid life right here in Baltimore.

Voluteers are always welcome for Summer Feeds, Food Pantry, Clothes Drives, Shoe drives, and many other events. To volunteer please contact


Our goal is to inspire positive development so clients and their families can face challenges with confidence with the ongoing support they need to thrive for a lifetime.